Nike vs Adidas Sizing: A Comprehensive Guide

nike vs adidas sizing
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When choosing between Nike and Adidas shoes, one of the most important factors to consider is sizing. Proper fit is crucial for comfort and performance, and both brands have distinct sizing characteristics. This guide provides a detailed comparison to help you find the best fit.

General Sizing Differences

FitSnug fit, especially in the toe box. Often requires sizing up.Roomier fit, true to size, spacious toe box.
LengthTypically runs smaller than true to size.Generally true to size.
WidthNarrower fit overall.Wider fit, suitable for broader feet.

Nike and Adidas Size Conversion Table

US SizeNike (US)Adidas (US)UK Size (Nike)UK Size (Adidas)EU Size (Nike)EU Size (Adidas)
5554.54.537.537 1/3
6665.55.538.538 2/3 1/3
7776.56.54040 2/3
8887.57.54141 1/3
9998.58.542.542 2/3 1/3
10.510.510.5101044.544 2/3
11111110.510.54545 1/3
12121211.511.54646 2/3
12.512.512.512124747 1/3
13.513.513.513134848 2/3
14141413.513.548.549 1/3

Comparing Popular Models

Model ComparisonNikeAdidas
Nike Air Max vs. Adidas UltraboostNarrow fit, consider sizing up.True to size, roomier fit.
Nike Air Force 1 vs. Adidas Stan SmithRoomier compared to other Nike models but might need sizing up for extra space.True to size, comfortable fit.

Sizing Tips for Different Activities

RunningNike Pegasus: snug fit, consider sizing up.Adidas Ultraboost: true to size, more room and cushioning.
TrainingNike Metcon: narrow fit, go half a size up.Adidas Powerlift: stable and roomy fit.
Casual WearAir Max, Air Force 1: try on for best fit.Stan Smith, Superstar: true to size, comfortable fit.

Specific Sizing Recommendations

Nike– Try multiple sizes if possible.
– Consider sizing up for performance shoes.
– Read customer reviews for specific models.
Adidas– Stick to your true size for most models.
– For narrower feet, look for models with a snugger fit.

Converting Sizes Between Brands

US to UKUS sizes are typically one size larger than UK sizes (e.g., US 10 = UK 9).Similar to Nike, verify with brand’s chart.
US to EUUS sizes are approximately 33.5 less than EU sizes (e.g., US 10 = EU 44.5).Similar conversion, always verify with brand’s chart.


Choosing between Nike and Adidas sizing depends on personal preference, foot shape, and intended use. Nike shoes generally run smaller and narrower, often requiring a size up, while Adidas shoes are more true to size with a wider fit. Trying on shoes or purchasing from retailers with good return policies is always recommended for the best fit.

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